What’s Your Vision? The Power of WOmanifestation

KaleyEmotional Clearing, Mental Clearing

I talk a lot about envisioning and creating your dream life – “Own It, Be It, Rock It” – but what does that mean to you? what is your vision, and how are you going to manifest it into reality – I mean, WOmanifest it?

Depending on where you are right now in life, your vision could be something as simple as waking up feeling refreshed and having enough time to exercise, eat well and do something nice for yourself each day.

When you’re scrolling Pinterest it could stretch to taking a vacation with your partner to Tahiti, climbing Machu Pichu, or personally helping to build a school in Guatemala.

Or it could be owning your own business, being your own boss, being there for your kids when they are sick or their teacher needs help in the classroom, taking pride in creating huge amounts of money and freedom by doing what you love.

Or something I can’t even dream up.

The important thing is that you dream it up, and don’t worry for a second about what other people will think. What I’ve found is that, although the road may be rocky, if you cling to your dream it eventually starts pulling those you love along with it. The momentum of what you’re creating is too big to be held back by others.

Start with what you’d like tomorrow to look like. Write it down in detail. You’ve heard of manifestation? Where you clearly envision the life or at least the situation you want, for days and weeks and months, you feel it and taste it as if it’s come true, you never stop believing no matter what gets in your way, until it DOES become your reality?

Well, let me introduce you to WOmanifestation. I believe we as women have extraordinary powers of intuition and vision, and an extraordinary ability to bring them to life and make them reality. Those powers are just drowned in the daily mud of having too much to remember, too much to do, too much to feel.

Women are the original creators – of life, of nurturing, of nourishment, of community, of visions for a brighter future for their families.

WOmanifestation is using our divine power to create something no one else has dreamed of, that will help or inspire someone, somewhere, who needs us and our help so very much. It’s taking care of our global community, one person at a time, as many times as we are called to do.

And in doing so, in serving others joyfully from our hearts and minds, instead of serving purely from a sense of duty or a fear of consequences, we transcend our current realities and most certainly elevate our lives and the lives of those around us.

Are you up to it?

Here are some more specifics on how to WOmanifest your new reality.

Try to find a way today or tomorrow to have a little less to do (see the Art of Strategic Procrastination) and focus on WOmanifesting your way to your new reality.

Be aware: the flip side of WOmanifesting is creating the reality you DON’T want. This is what most of us are doing most of the time, and it’s why we’re stuck in such deep ruts. Focusing on the bad in situations, focusing on hurt, regret, pain – these thoughts and feelings just create more of the same realities.

WOmanifestation is very simple: what you focus on expands. So focus on the results and the feelings you want, believe with all your heart they have already happened to you (yep! That’s how it works), and be pouring out gratitude at every step along the way.

As a real estate agent I used to routinely WOmanifest happy and timely house closings for full price. As a music school owner I WOmanifested the best clients in town, with whom I still keep in touch. And this year I WOmanifested a job layoff with three weeks severance that let me finally launch my coaching business, so I can get in the trenches with you, my WOmanifesters, and help you live your vision once and for all.

This stuff works. You should try it.

Practicing WOmanifestation and making your vision a reality means clearing your Space to Smile – creating the time and the physical, mental and emotional energy to be YOU and do what you love. This handy checklist will get you started today: