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"The Four Pillars of Clearing"

Learn what's standing in your way and how to begin clearing it, so you can be who you really are and do what you're meant to do.

Are you ready to be who you really are?

Or at least find her and say hello again?

That’s what I had to ask myself after 15 years of doing what I thought were the right things for my life, my career. From being a music therapist to running a large music school, to being a local music artist rock star, to crushing it in real estate (during the Recession!) to digital marketing and digital marketing coaching… every time I embarked on a new career path, I assumed I was one step closer to finding out who I was.

And then getting married and having kids made me realize… not only do I NOT know who I am or how to be a great mom… I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I was exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I was sad and irritable every day. My back was killing me and I couldn’t feel my legs. Doctors told me I was just tired from being a new mom and working 60 hours a week. I was prescribed sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, and pain pills.

And you know what?

I threw them all in the trash, and started researching on my own. Because something told me it was bigger than that, deeper than that.

Turns out, it was. I began a 6-year odyssey to clear out the clutter that was blocking my thoughts, my healing.

And through a lot of reading, testing, medical bills and trial and error, I stumbled on four blockers that were tripping me up.

And I thought, I can’t be the only one being held back by these. And the more I talked with the women around me, I realized I wasn’t alone in these trials.

It may have been a while since you felt really good, inside and out. I would love to help you clear your way to a life that represents who you really are now, and build a legacy you’ll be proud of. I’m not a therapist anymore, but a coach, a teacher, and a guide.

I’m holding a free educational webinar workshop soon. It’ll be just you, me, and a group of like-minded women who are also ready to meet their real selves again. Who are ready to take a step away from constant fatigue, worry and repressed feelings, toward living the life we’re meant to live, being our best selves, and truly serving our families and communities. Whether you have kids or a partner or not, all are welcome.

On the webinar I’m going to reveal:

  • Connector.

    The four secret blockers

    that are keeping us from seeing or moving forward with our true potential.

  • Connector.

    Actionable ways you can begin

    to recognize and overcome those four blockers.

  • Connector.

    Why it's crucial

    to begin your transformation now.

  • Connector.

    How to Own It, Be It, Rock It

    Reclaim your special gifts, and start rocking them today.

Without recognizing and overcoming these four maddening blockers, we’re just going in painful circles, just trying to get through the day, day after day.

Never using our gifts to our true potential.

Working hard to create success for everyone but ourselves.

Now please know, if you’re a parent, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT understand that raising kids IS one of your special gifts and what you’re meant to do. It’s definitely one of mine, too. But if you have something else gnawing at you that you’d love to do, or if you feel like you’ve lost yourself, or you can’t find what you’re meant to do in life, if you feel like you’re just too tired or scattered to be the best parent or partner or friend you can be, then this webinar workshop is for you.

I’ll give you worksheets and an action plan, and we’ll get started on them together.

Don’t let another week of your precious life slip by. The live webinar will be at a time I hope you can attend. Order takeout for the family and lock yourself in a room with your computer or device. This time is for you.

My mom had a little decorative plaque in the kitchen that really rang true to me even when I was a kid. It read:

If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Do this for yourself, for the ones you love, for your future. I’ll be conducting as many of these free webinars as it takes to keep turning this country around. It’s my way of giving back to all the women who have given me so much in my lifetime – nurturing, friendship, education, talent acquisition, and inspiration.

I can’t wait to show you how important you are and help you clear your Space to Smile. Talk with you soon.

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