Kaley Shorter’s OPUS:

Clearing Our Space to Smile


My Why is my children and my husband. My Why is my purpose in life which is to use my music, writing, teaching and empathy skills to guide others to become the best versions of themselves. My Why is all children, that they should never grow up feeling depressed, confused or abandoned as I did. My Why is to create a nation of leaders from Gen Z, who are extremely empathetic and operate from love, not fear. My Why is the mothers raising them, just like me, and just like my mothers, who are hurting and can’t be the best versions of themselves, or the best mother-guides, until I can help them clear their space to “smile” – to be happily true to themselves through every emotion – and follow their Deeper Path.

“The world needs what you’ve got.
To deprive the world of that is the root of the deep conflict you feel and will always feel until you clear your space and start giving YOU to the world.”


To coach and write my blog and book, giving me time during the week to write and produce my music. To tour the world with a unique stage show that features a very inspiring music score, amazing lights and graphics, me speaking, playing some of my songs, inviting others on stage to tell their stories, crying with people, laughing with them, influencing people who may seem totally unlike me but who all have this in common with my past: they are cluttered with stuff inside and out and can’t see who they really are or what they’re meant to do. To help everyone clear that and be the best version of themselves. To influence Generation Z and their parents, especially their mothers, to become the nations of leaders the world so desperately needs now.

I have a dream… Weekends (when we’re not travelling to speaking or music gigs) are a fun and relaxing time for playing with my family and friends and spending time with just my husband. I’ve dialed in the marketing and admin for my coaching business for maximum ROI with minimum effort and investment. My business leaves me inspired and fulfilled at the end of the day and leaves me ample time to work on my songwriting and recording. I make a generous living which allows us to catch up on our retirement funds contributions, travel, and give jobs to a housekeeper, cook, lawn care professionals, and arts teachers for our kids, as well as contribute to the charities we love such as Trees For The Future and Pencils of Promise. Our kids are happy and well-adjusted to traveling and studying school remotely as needed. Our income and investments enable us to travel and continue to have fun and help others around the world, and to live in dignity and not burden our kids when we need assisted living.


Someone – Busy moms who feel like they’ve lost themselves, their Why. Who feel they don’t have time for themselves. Who are hurting but ignoring or masking it. Who want to connect better with their children, spouse, friends, family, co-workers. Who want more out of life before the kids leave home. Who regret not following through with what they’re so talented at. Who struggle with their health. Who feel burdened by the mental load of women – too many decisions in addition to our day jobs.

Gen Z – today’s teens – My dream is to create a nation of leaders out of Generation Z, who are extremely empathetic, driven, and creative, and who have already shown that they instinctually operate from love, not fear. They need coping skills, guidance and inspiration. My dream is to help them and to guide the mothers raising them, who just like I was, are hurting and can’t be the best versions of themselves.

Something – My Fight is against the things that put us at an unfair disadvantage, that push into our path when we’re trying to improve and be our best selves: Environmental, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clutter. My fight is to show my Tribe how to clear that junk and walk their Deeper Path, so their hearts smile more every day with their true Intentions and Purpose.

Somewhere – My Space travels with me wherever I go. It is my Brand, which is clean, clear, uncluttered, fresh, and confident. It offers room for you to pull up a chair and add your own story to mine. It is located on my website, my media such as my handouts, memes and webinars, my ads, my books, my stage productions and in my demeanor.

My Melody Line – My Purpose

Clearing Our Space to Smile (With The Four Pillars)


Being My Husband’s Best Partner and Our Children’s Best Mother
Time – prioritizing exclusive time together
Growth – marriage therapy, reading, conversations, planning our future
Play – creations, recreation, vacations, intimacy

Being My Best Personal Self
Environmentally – Self-Care – exercise, sleep, meditation, nutrition, following my treatment plan
Mentally – Writing – my book and blog. Reading – personal growth books, inspirational biographies
Emotionally – Music – writing, practicing, playing, performing
Spiritually – Hourly gratitude, reading, music, seeking spiritual experiences and mentors

Building My Best Coaching Business
Vision – to create from Generation Z and the mothers raising them nations of loving, empathetic leaders and citizens with true clarity.
Branding – the core and visual embodiment of my business
Planning – Regular development of steps to implement, with deadlines
Implementation – relentless, follow the plan, adjust course not goals, no excuses

Being My Best Professional Self
Continuing Education in Coaching – refining Deeper Path coaching skills, earning Student Success Coaching Certification, Dream Job Coaching Certification, seeking mentors
Continuing Education in Marketing and Sales – refining my existing skills to serve this business and my clients
Coaching Peers – Network and give back to others by teaching marketing and sales skills

Compounding My Influence
Book and Blog – Space to Smile: The Four Pillars of Clearing Your Clutter So You Can Get Back To What You’re Meant To Do
Highly Unique Webinars – will be the foundation of the stage production – be dramatic, be fun, be moving, involve the audience, go all out.
Speaking – keynotes, churches, schools, families, building up to my dream stage production tour
4 Pillars Course – for clients to self serve and recommend
4 Pillars Coaching Program – for others to get certified and teach


My Worldview

I believe we are each unique and only live once.
I believe we are brought to life by a Creator, the Universe, one God, who doesn’t judge or condemn us, who wants nothing more than to experience the fullness of life through the experiences we create.
I believe our experiences should naturally range from deep pain to ecstatic euphoria because all of those experiences make us stronger and closer to our Creator.
I believe that a person is not their feelings, including pain.
I believe that bottling or masking our feelings is against the laws of nature and against what our Creator wants for us.
I believe our purpose in life is to create – experiences, unique humans, food, language, stories, teachings, art, work processes, personal growth, tangible inventions, journeys, money, and more.
I believe in the power of art, especially music, to lift, remind, empower, transcend, and heal.
I believe deeply in the value and unique talents of each person.
I believe that there is no sin, only costly distractions from our unique Path, but that every distraction will still teach us a valuable lesson if we listen.
I believe that Heaven is not something God holds from us as a final reward, but that we touch Heaven every moment that we operate from a place of Love, not Fear.
I believe that everything we want is very much within our grasp, we just have to get clear about it and manifest it into our present reality.
I believe there is no reason to stay in chronic pain and live life half dead as I have; nor, as my mother did, to die early from despair at a life half lived or misunderstood.
I believe that for all the excellent advice and guides on how to live our lives with purpose, something is being overlooked: the enormous obstacles of mental, environmental, emotional and spiritual clutter that we put in the way of trying to manifest our best selves.
I believe my teachings on how to clear our clutter to manifest our best selves and lives are integral to the well-being and success of every human.

My Identity

I am a deep thinker, a dreamer, an explorer.
I am sensitive. I am sentimental. I am a poet.
I am a doer. I am a perfectionist.
I am a writer, a songwriter, a weaver of music and emotion, a storyteller.
I am a listener. I am a teacher. I am a guide. I am a coach.
I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a wife. I am a lover.
I am an ex. I am a painful memory. I am guarded.
I am a little girl refusing to grow up.
I am a mother, a nurturer, a friend. I am an inspiration.
I am not abandoned. I am loved and cherished. I am respected.
I am incredibly amazing!
I am a leader.
I, like each human, am someone who deserves to have everything I desire.
I am so very happy and grateful every single day.

My Principles

I value every person on Earth as well as my family, friends, mentors and heroes.
I value creativity and the arts – music, film, visual art, dance.
I value good nutrition and self-care.
I value good education.
I value quiet time for personal growth or rest and reading.
I value quiet time to recoup after social company.
I value meaningful time with my husband to talk, plan, and have fun.
I value time with my children to listen to their thoughts and enjoy their talents and creations.
I value time to do what motivates me and will make a difference in the world.
I value lighting up with joy and enthusiasm for what I’m doing, and seeing others light up for what they’re doing.
I value the humanity and humbling experiences of travel.
I value my clean, bright, uncluttered, beautiful home with the amazing view.
I value everything I’ve accomplished so far.
I value relevant opportunities to make money that will allow me to do these things.
I value a policy of no excuses – be grateful for what you have and make your dreams happen.

My Passions
I love my three parents and all my extended family who have tried their best to raise and support my sister and me.
I love my dear sister who shares my past, celebrates my present and inspires my future.
I love composing music and songs. I love playing my music for myself or others.
I love the feeling of euphoria I get listening to my favorite music.
I love reading. I love writing.
I love the ocean and all bodies of water as they represent life and movement.
I love when people light up in response to help I’ve given or words I’ve shared.
I love to travel abroad and explore new places.
I love my husband and being with him, just the two of us with no stress, having fun.
I love my precious children and how they make me wonder out loud at their amazing abilities. I love the funny and smart things my kids say. I love being able to spend time with them without worrying about needing to get something else done.
I love delegating so I can spend more time on the things that I’m best at.
I love to organize and plan, for myself or others.
I love deep intelligence, excellence, drive and passion in others and in myself.
I love the feeling of pure gratitude no matter what happens.
I love the feeling when I manifest something I desire and the Universe says, YES, here you go, rock on with yo bad self.
I love irony, serendipity, goosebumps, and the intricacy of choice.
I love my life and seeing God’s manifest experience in all humans.

My Purpose

I live to create.
I live to write songs and to play and sing them for others.
I live to love others fearlessly.
I live to hope.
I live to discover new adventures.
I live to help guide others to be their best selves and live their best lives.
I live to experience Life to its fullest for myself, for others, and for our Creator.

“I am whole
with or without
pain.”Kaley Shorter aka Killarney Star