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By the end of this module, you'll recognize thoughts that serve you versus thoughts that don't.

You'll have some concrete tools to turn your thoughts around at those crucial moments when you need to most.

You'll understand the true way to ask for something and actually receive it.

I've gleaned some gold from each of my many careers. When I was a music therapist in a state mental hospital, the head physician on my ward told me once, “A person does a behavior because it works for them.”

I’ve thought this over for years since. Mental health is, certainly, a product of our chemistry (as we’ll explore more in Environmental Clutter). But it’s also a product of choice. For most people, if some chemical combination in you caused you to hang around hot stoves, you would do it until you got burned and decided that hurt. Then you would CHOOSE not to hang around the hot stove, even if your crazy mind was urging you to. In every moment of life we have choices: to give in to what our body and mind are urging us to do, or to resist and form a new habit. In the giving in and in the resisting, there are pleasurable and negative consequences. We do what works best for us.

Until it doesn't.

In the Prepare phase I outlined the four major areas of clutter that we need to wipe out to clear our Space to Smile. These are the Four Pillars of Clearing.

There’s a really good reason that I put them in this order. Having worked through the four myself (and still every day working on improving in each category), I can tell you that no matter what some other guru says, you CANNOT tackle them out of order and expect to make LASTING CHANGE in your life.

I've put into practice many of the ideas and philosophies from the best authorities on these topics. You can find great content about each of these categories. But no one that I know of has laid out the ORDER in which you should tackle these things. You should just try to do all of it, all at once. Or, you should work on this one for a year, then try that.

Seriously? You’re going to sacrifice ANOTHER year of your life to not having all the answers that you need to pursue happiness in your Space?

Stay with me and you'll soon be clearing your own Space to Smile...