How to WOMANifest Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality Part 1: Feel It!

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Hi! What are you creating today? What’s your dream?

I’m Coach Kaley Shorter with Space to Smile, and I want to share with you today the secret to making your dream, your vision, come true.

No matter how wild and crazy that vision may be.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost control over your life, or you’re feeling sluggish and not really motivated, or you’re just not where you want to be, then it’s time to create a new reality for yourself.

So I’m going to give you the first step on how to WOmanifest your dream into reality.

WOmanifesting is like manifesting, but leveled up with the divine, nurturing, life-giving, intuitive power that we as women possess.

So it’s a very powerful way to get what you want and need much faster than just hoping it will come to you.

I’ll teach you Step 1 today, but Step 0 is to decide what you really want. So Step 0 is to get clear on what you truly desire, whether it’s a special vacation, a new job, a raise, a child, a special person in your life.

It could also be a prayer for someone else, for healing, wisdom, or comfort, that you just want
really badly for them.

So Step 0 of WOmanifesting your dream into reality is to:

Write it down, with all the specifics:

For example:

“It’s April, 2018, I’ve just sold my 100th item from my Etsy shop, I’ve hired an assistant and I’m able to control my work hours and be there for my kids after school. I’m making $60,000 a year, and I’m planning an awesome vacation with my family, and every weekend I get to sleep in, relax a little, play with my family, and then work on my business which is what I love to do.”

Once you get clear and specific on what you truly desire, and you write all that down, then there are basically five parts to WOmanifesting it.

And I’ll tell you #1 today:

# 1 is Cheerful Thanks.

Start every sentence with “I’m so happy & grateful that” and fill in the blank.

Like this:

“I’m so happy and grateful that I’ve just sold my 100th item from my Etsy shop, I have an awesome assistant, and I can control my hours and pick up my kids after school or work from home if they’re sick,

I’m so happy and grateful I’m making $60,000 a year, and I’m planning an awesome vacation with my family, and the weekends are MINE, and I run a successful business doing what I love to do.”

Here’s the key: You have to smile and lean into it. Clasp your hands or whatever you do in earnest gratitude.

Let tears of joy come to your eyes, fall on your knees, really FEEL how it feels for this dream to come true as if it’s already true right now.

And that’s the key –

You can’t say, as you do this, “WHEN or IF it comes true.”

You have to feel, right now, boundless joy and gratitude, as if it’s true already.

THAT’s how the Universe, or God, or however you call your higher power, that’s how they know that you’re serious and that you’re sending out attraction vibes to draw this new reality to you.

So I want you to try it today: get clear on your vision, write it down, and start reciting it with

“I’m so happy and grateful that” while really FEELING so happy and grateful!

Now there are a few more steps to successful WOmanifesting, making even your wildest dreams a reality, and I’ll share another one next time.

For more on WOmanifesting your vision into reality, you can check out this blog post, or go to the next video/ blog post in this 3- part series.

And keep dreaming your dreams into reality.

Because the world needs what YOU, and only you, have.

You are special, and you are amazing.

See you next time! Go to Part 2 in this video series.

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