Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True Part 3: Work It!

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Welcome back! I’m Kaley Shorter with Space to Smile. For the past two days, I’ve been doing these videos, talking to my ladies about how to WOMANIFEST anything you want into reality no matter how crazy it might seem right now.

I was giving you the steps. I started with JOYFUL GRATITUDE in the here and now: “I’m so happy and grateful that…” And you need to really feel as if it’s true NOW with huge gratitude and joy.

Yesterday I added to that, how we need to be “open to receive” the right people and opportunities that are going to come to us and help us achieve our dream.

Because you don’t need to know HOW you’re going to achieve it. You can’t possibly know all the steps right now. It’s a big dream! At least, I hope you’re dreaming big!

You can plan the first few steps, and you should. But then you need to let go and let God, the Universe, your higher power, other people, bring the missing pieces into your life.

My sister just got a tattoo:

Let GoD – I love that. What a great way to constantly remind yourself of this principal.

Hey, if you’re just joining, I’m Kaley Shorter with Space to Smile. I help women clear four tricky blockers that are keeping us from being who we really are and from what we are MEANT to be doing!

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So remember in yesterday’s video I said you don’t need evidence that your dream will come true? You need to quit focusing on “well, i need some evidence that this is going to work.”

Because there are a few things wrong with that sentence. “Going to work” isn’t HERE & NOW, so you’re messing up the WOmanifestation formula right there.

If you’re waiting for evidence, you’re telling the universe “I DON’T BELIEVE.” “I DON’T TRUST” etc., so knock it off!

I talked about on the previous video how we have to BELIEVE, we have to TRUST, we have to come from place of GRATITUDE, not lack. But by saying “I NEED,” we are coming from a place of lack.

So if you put those trigger words “NEED” and “GOING TO” out there, the Universe is going to be like, “OK, I won’t bring you this, ’cause you’re not ready.”

And that’s what I was saying in Part 2, you have to BE READY, OPEN TO RECEIVE, BELIEVING, HERE & NOW.

So today the final component I want to share with you to WOManifest your wildest dreams into reality, is after you come with fervent gratitude, and after you open your heart to be shown HOW to achieve your dream, you may have to wait with an open heart for all the answers to come over time.

IN THE MEANTIME, the next step is, you’ve gotta put in the work! Because “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Now, we are not about wishing. We are about Getting It Done. Living your dream, not wishing your dream.

You’ve gotta put in the work! Get started doing whatever first actions you think will be effective.

Start with something. Put in the work.

One of my favorite quotes is: “The world is your oyster, but you still have to shuck it.”

So the verbalization I want you to say for this stage of WOMANIFESTATION is”

“I’m focused and strategic, working to meet my dream halfway.”

You’ve got to put in the time. Write out the beginning steps you know of that you know you need to do. Yes, the Universe will fill in the later steps. That’s where TRUST , BELIEVING, being OPEN TO RECEIVING comes in.

But you gotta meet your dream halfway. If you’re not willing to do that, then you don’t really want this!


I’m not saying your path will be easy. But if it’s something you really want, here’s the cool thing. Ninety percent of the steps to get there will be WAY more fun than whatever you’re focusing on right now that’s not working towards it.

Like when I was doing marketing as an employee for other companies, I was interested in it, I was good at it. I enjoyed being a part of a larger group and the success of the company.

But my energy for that marketing, my attention span at the end of the day, was done.

Whereas when it comes to my own business, I’ll stick with marketing activities much longer – I’ll spend so much more love writing emails, designing things, writing blog posts , etc.

Because it’s for YOU, my ladies who need what I have which is a special wisdom gained from all my experience and research that I’m just bursting to share with you!

And if you’re just joining me, I am Kaley Shorter with Space to Smile. I help women realize their true potential by helping them clear away four specific things that don’t serve us, so we can be who we’re truly meant to be, and serve our communities, family and friends at the top of our game.

Let me recap the steps to WOMANIFESTING your wildest dreams into reality.

You need to DECIDE what you want. Write it down in detail, with a deadline.



GET STARTED, PUT IN THE WORK. Start somewhere right away.

Because here’s the thing: What you focus on will become your reality.

If you focus on working toward this dream, believing in your dream, being joyful, about your dream, then every day you’re making it more real.

But if we focus on lack, that’s what we’ll get back from the universe.

If we focus on “I don’t know” – “I don’t know what I want,” “I don’t know how to get started.” Then the universe will send you more ambiguity: a little of this, a little of that… it will just mirror your intentions.

You deserve better!

So I have a little poem to sum it all up – all six steps to WOMANifesing your wildest dreams are in this tiny poem.


These are the six parts to WOMANifesting:

Write It Down
Cheerful Thanks
Here & Now
Unwavering Faith
No Matter How
Now Work It, Girl!

And these are the Verbalizations for you to say whn you’re doing each one:
“I’m so happy & grateful
That I have/can/am
(whatever your dream is)”

“I’m open to receiving
How to fully achieve this.”

“Til then I’m focused and strategic,
working to meet it halfway.”

By the way, I talk with my hands. If anyone deaf is watching, I hope I didn’t offend anyone! I do not know sign language, I’m just making wild gestures.

Once more, that poem is:

Write It Down
Cheerful Thanks
Here & Now
Unwavering Faith
No Matter How
Now Work It, Girl!

And the Verbalizations are:

“I’m so happy & grateful
That I have/can/am
(whatever your dream is).”

“I’m open to receiving
How to fully achieve this.’

“Til then I’m focused and strategic,
working to meet it halfway.”

What this all really comes down to is knowing your Why.

Open your heart to your Why,
and the Universe will show you How.

I’m Kaley Shorter with Space to Smile, clearing the four blockers with women so they can be and do who and what they’re meant to do.

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“This is the beginning of anything you could want.”

How does that feel?

Aren’t you thrilled to know that?

What are you dreaming?

What will you dedicate your reality to?

Where will you go today?

How will you start, and put in the work?

I hope you’ll follow me! I’ve got tons more helpful insights like this to share with you, because the world needs what you, and only you, have.

We can’t live without your help, your insight, your expertise, your joy and your special gifts that only you can bring.

So let’s clear your four blockers and start WOmanifesting YOUR awesome dreams into realty.

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