WOmanifesting Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality Part 2: Believe It!

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Alright so Day 2 of WOmanifesting your dream into reality. Did you come up with a vision that you want to WOmanifest into reality? Did you write in down in all its glorious detail?

Did you say “I’m so happy and grateful that…” and really FEEL it, feel the joy and gratitude of actually having that dream come trueas if it’s true right now?

Awesome! So now you’re ready for the next step to WOmanifesting it into reality.

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So let’s get going with the next step to WOmanifesting your dream, your awesome vision, into reality.

So while you’re saying your “I’m so happy and grateful” statement, like I talked about in the first video, and really feeling that, you need to feel something else, as well, and that’s unwavering faith. Some people say, “faith like a rock.”

No matter what life throws in your path, while you’re WOmanifesting your future, you need to BELIEVE that your dream, your vision is coming true.

So the verbalization for this unwavering faith is:

“I am open to receiving…”

You might have a similar version that you say when you pray, or when you think about what you want.

This step is very important. Let me explain.

You have to open your heart, and believe that God, the Universe, your higher power, is bringing you your dream right now EVEN if you don’t see evidence.

Now in my next video I’ll talk more about evidence, and why you need to just let that go.

But for right now you need to BELIEVE that your dream or vision is coming true right now, that God is working to make it so. You must have unwavering faith in this.

I know that we say we believe.
I know we think we believe.

This time, though, we’ve got to REALLY FEEL IT, because by really feeling it, just like really feeling the gratitude and joy of it coming true, that is sending out the vibes we need to come back to us, bringing all the good things we expect.

You have to EXPECT IT will come true.

Like that cheesy Madonna song, “Open Your Heart To Me.” OK now you’ve got me singing on Live video, stop it.

But seriously, that’s what your dream is saying to you!

Knock knock!

Because right now, all you need to know is WHAT you desire. You may not have much of any idea HOW to get there. And that is perfectly ok. That is normal.

You have to let inspiration come to you as to HOW to do it. And it will come through your higher power. But the right inspiration is not going to show up if you don’t open your heart to all possibilities.

So let me give you an example. Let’s say that your vision is you want to
start your own business. But you’ve never run a business before, or not by yourself. You don’t know all the little steps to get it up and running.

But you envision, with joy and gratitude, how your wonderful life is going to be when you’re running your own business. You’ve mastered that art of grateful envisioning.

Now you need to open your heart and trust that the path will be shown to you.

And check this out: in a few days, or maybe hours, you’ll get an email, an invitation, an opportunity. You’ll go to a meeting. Or you’ll run into someone at the grocery store you haven’t seen in forever, and you will meet just the person or opportunity who can help you take some really important steps toward that goal.

It’s very serendipitous when it happens.

Now, mind you, these opportunities are not always free. Especially if you’re going to start a business. You have to be willing to make some investment.

But if your heart is open, you’ll know the opportunity when you see it, and you’ll know if you should spend that few hundred dollars or thousand dollars. Because if you think about it, investing that amount of money is smarter and gets you moving faster toward your dream goals, faster than just waiting for another opportunity or trying to figure it all out by yourself.

So here’s the thing, though. Think about what you’re saying to the Universe if you pass up that opportunity- You’re saying “I DON’T believe,” “I’m NOT worthy,” “My dream ISN’T important.”

OR – “No THANKS, give this to SOMEONE ELSE.”

And you know what?

That’s exactly what the Universe will do.

I believe that God wants us to be our best version of ourselves. But we have to believe in ourselves.

We have to send out the energy we want to get back. Or else we’re just going to get back lack, stagnation, watching everyone else succeed except us. Because that’s the energy
that we put out there.

Is that what you really want?

Of course not.

You want to make YOUR awesome dreams a reality in your Awesome life. You want all that you deserve, and you want a life of progress, of opportunity, of success, of happiness.

Alright so in the next video I’m going to teach you the final WOmanifestation step that you need to do to make even your wildest dreams bloom into reality and blow your mind, rock your world, and make your life the awesome experience that it should always always be!

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Until then,


Because you deserve this!

And it’s going to come true.

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