Tired? I Was Too, Until I Discovered These 4 Things

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Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions, on the hamster wheel, punching the clock, drowning in tired cliches like these?

Like you can never catch up– on work, housework, projects, sleep? Like there’s little time for friends or family and no time for YOU?

Like you live on a different planet from everyone else that has 5x the gravity and molasses for air? (OK– that’s how I felt before I realized I had a gluten problem, can anyone out there relate?)

Ever feel like if you just had the time,

the money,

the peace and quiet,

the energy, the space…

you would ________________________? And ______________________? And finally get around to

___________Your Something___________________________________?


GOOD! This is the place we’ll do those things!


By systematically clearing a path to move in.

I’m going to give you a step by step guide to clearing that path AND to doing that Something you miss.

Maybe you used to do your Something regularly, or at least occasionally, but when life got in the way, your pipes have rusted and weeds have grown over it.

Maybe you’ve never even done that Something yet. Maybe you were told all your life to be more sensible, to get a real job, to settle down, lay low. To put away your GI Joes and get out of the sandbox.

Is that making you happy right now? Truly free and happy?

If so, that is awesome. I hope you will stick around here as an inspiration to us as we forge our paths toward where you are. I’m not kidding- if you are reading this and you already have your Space cleared and your daily actions are straight from your dreams, I want to hear from you and I will be glad to feature your story on this site.

If not, then I ask you: what’s the point?

Gonna wait til retirement to look for happiness and feed your muse, do your Something?

Gonna leave to your children and grandchildren a fortune of regret, bitterness, longing and despair because you never followed your heart?

Think that’s just the way it needs to be?

It’s not.

Here’s why – If you’re feeling like there must be something more, you’re right. Join the rising movement that is creating Space to Smile Now. Space to create. Space to grow, to think, to BE.

Um, actually, to just have lots of fun every day instead of life being such a drag.


First, let’s name some of what’s blocking the path:


Want to shrug all that off?

You just need Space to Smile.

Easy? Easier than you think.

Quick? Depends how much you want to make it happen.

Now I know a lot of blogs and books are devoted to clearing clutter, stimulating personal development, or answering those burning questions that would keep you awake at night if you hadn’t knocked yourself out with a vodka-Ambien chaser so you can get up at 6am and really blow the roof off that presentation. You could literally spend years reading all of those books and blogs– and I will share all the best ones with you on this site– or you could join my one stop shop here and let me walk you through:

  • my distilled method of finding your Space from the best of those books, blogs and courses (all sources will be cited)
  • plus all of my own snarky tips and
  • a bit of wisdom gained from my unique experiences in creating my Space to Smile

I call this method

The Four Pillars of Clearing Your Space

So You Can Get Back to Doing What You’re Meant To Do.

Let’s get in and get started!

I’ll guide you step by step along your own journey. I’ll show you how to clear your path so you can do what matters to you and, in doing so, create your own limitless health, wealth, and happiness.

What’s the next step?

Want to find out more about the Space to Smile Program (as opposed to NASA’s boring old Space Program)? Get my free checklist: “Ten Ways to Start Clearing Your Space to Smile This Week.” This blog and my webinars go into more detail about the life transformations that will be happening here when you follow my step-by-step program to create your Space to Smile.

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Smile on!

What’s in your way? Comment here on what clutters your life and I’ll be sure to address that in the blog.