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I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been certified by renowned author, coach and speaker, Kary Oberbrunner, as an Igniting Souls Team Member, certified to coach the Deeper Path program.

Going through the Deeper Path program myself and reading the book was the crown topping the inner growth achievement I’ve worked so hard to reach this year. The Deeper Path is a coaching program to guide you through The 5 Steps That Let Your Hurts Lead to Your Healing. Ultimately, it helps you define your purpose and passion in life. It guides you to wake up from just going through the motions and start living the life you were meant to live, being who you’re meant to be. Sound familiar?

My Four Pillars of Clearing Your Space to Smile is about clearing your space and conquering the Four Blockers that hold us back from following wonderful advice and insights like Kary’s. Two-thirds written in 2015, it has sat buried in my Google files, half exposed on my blog, because I wasn’t ready to share it back then. I had conquered two or three of the pillars at that time. But I knew I couldn’t start teaching it until my brain and hands had had the experience of working through all four pillars myself.

Now I’ve conquered all four, and I know how to do it. And I can’t wait another day to share it with others, with the women who are the backbone of this country. (Why I’m focusing on helping women first is another post.)

Earlier this year, it hit me: in order to rise above the deep hurts that have haunted me since I was a child, and really leverage my true potential, I have to dig into them.

So I did, finally uncovering the unmentionables, the terrible feelings, thoughts, and pain that I’ve repressed since I was 7, 8, 10.

First I wept. For days. I was very lucky to have a job at the time where I could choose to work at home, no questions asked, if I wasn’t feeling up to being in the office. I rarely chose that option, so it came as a huge blessing when I needed it.

Then I wrote. Songs came pouring out of me. The music for them came swiftly. I cried as I wrote, but I sang them as strongly as I could. They flowed together into mini masterpieces. I thought I had written some deep stuff last year. But these were songs I felt I would have to apologize to the audience before performing.

A strange thing happened. Each feeling became a song, which then became an objet d’art. Something I could just close the book on, put on the shelf when I was done playing it. I never again felt the lacerating wound of those childhood hurts that I had put into songs.

But it wasn’t until I completed the Deeper Path that I realized: what had actually happened was not the embodification of my feelings into objects, but the synergistic healing that happens when we let go of repressed pain, let it out into the world, create something out of passion and the hope of healing, and become a person no longer defined by that repression, that tight holding, those secret hurts.

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover by accident that the deeper I delve into my fears and my pain, the more creative I can be. Oh wait – I do know why: the Four Blockers.

This year, after 6 solid years of inner work, and countless years of searching before that, I finally transcended them and stepped into the light of who I really am.

I am whole, with or without pain.

This year I finally closed the gap of knowing in my heart and knowing in my brain and my hands. All these things I’ve been writing for years, just from my heart, have been knocking on my brain and asking to use my hands and prove themselves to me. I’m finally seeing the results and understanding how crucial this is, and how I can teach others to follow this path.

I had no choice but to get certified in coaching the Deeper Path cohort. And the serendipity is how perfectly it aligns with my Four Pillars program.

So I’m offering my Space to Smile group and individual coaching programs as a recommended pre-requisite to my Deeper Path group and individual programs. I know to the tips of my toes that going through these programs either with a group or on your own, with one-on-one guidance from me, is going to change every participant’s life.

Thanks and blessings go to Kary and his staff and the entire Igniting Souls Tribe for reaching out to me at just the right time. When the student is ready, the next teacher will arrive.

As a graduate of the Deeper Path, you will write your own OPUS – your masterpiece, the description of what you stand for, what you believe, what your mission and vision are, what you’re meant to do. Just writing your OPUS through the Deeper Path program is such an exhilarating experience of clarity, strength and passion.

Below, you can read my OPUS. If it resonates with you or inspires you, I hope it will be my honor to work with you in clearing your Space and walking your Deeper Path.

Click Here to View My OPUS

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