How to Release the Ghosts of 2017

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How to Release the Ghosts of 2017

We’re all carrying them. . . and some of our ghosts originate from years before 2017. In any case, it’s essential to let go of them now, and allow space for new, positive energy into our lives for the new year. If we don’t, we’re manifesting our ghosts mentally, emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. And we can’t possibly expect 2018 to be free from pain, fear and limitations we’ve been living with in the form of these ghosts.

I know it’s long past Halloween, and we’re deep into the season of light through darkness. To prepare for our best 2018, I wanted to share a true ghost story from my life, and one way that I learned to release bad energies and move forward.

Years ago, when I lived in southern California during my first marriage, my then-husband and I decided to take a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Jose and see the sights along the way. Being 20-somethings, the “sights” to us meant all the coolest, weirdest, most spiritual places we could find. We stopped at Cannery Row and browsed the art shops. We cooed at the sea lions at Point Lobos. We rifled through albums at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo. We felt the deep presence of the trees in Big Sur. We twisted our energies all backwards at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, where gravity is distorted, balls roll uphill, and things get smaller as you go toward them.

And for the coup-de-gras, we toured the Winchester Mansion, the infamous rambling home of Sarah Winchester, who believed she was being haunted by the ghosts of the Native Americans, Chinese, and Spaniards killed by her late husband’s invention, the Winchester rifle.

At one point during the mansion tour, I stood in a doorway while our tour guide talked. She asked if anyone had any questions. I felt a very cold draft pass over me, through me, and I asked how they had added air conditioning to the old house while keeping its architectural integrity intact. The guide stared at me for just a moment and replied, “This house has no air conditioning. This is California, and yes, we’ve tried very hard to keep the house much as it originally was.”

That night, after touring the Winchester Mansion, I became violently ill, vomiting and shaking. The next morning, my husband started to feel nauseous and weak as well. We had to start home the next day for work that week, and there was no returning the way we’d come up – along the skinny, winding PCH which takes two days. We had to take the fastest road east across the mountains to the 5 Freeway south. And that meant taking Pacheco Pass.

California’s history, like other parts of the US, is a gritty, sometimes terrible legacy of greed, slavery, and tragedy. Nowhere is this better exemplified than Pacheco Pass. The mountain pass was originally inhabited and traversed by the native Yokuts people, who were killed or taken to nearby missions by the Spanish upon the Europeans’ arrival. Prospectors, missionaries, mail carriers, and Mexican ranchers used the pass, none getting along very well, augmented by bloody stagecoach robberies. So many died on this road, either by injuries, disease, fights, falling off the treacherous cliffs, or modern car accidents, that Pacheco Pass is said to be extremely haunted.

Although we knew almost none of that at the time, when I say this was the most painful ride of my life, I’m serious. As we silently drove Highway 152 east over the Pass, on a beautiful, bright, sunny day, we felt a heavy dread. Afraid to pull over, my husband pushed through even though he felt physically sick, while I languished miserably in the passenger seat. It became horribly clear to us that neither of us had a flu or food poisoning. We felt we had gotten our energies reversed at The Mystery Spot, and had opened ourselves to pick up all the negative, angry, sad energies at the following places we went. This had manifested itself into a physical sickness that we, as a spiritually strong and typically happy couple, had never felt.

We muddled through the journey and got through the pass in what felt like hours but was actually less than 45 minutes. As we finally made our way south down the relative neutral safety of the open freeway, taking turns driving, we began to feel better and better. We got home, exhausted but glad to be back in our physical “happy place.”

We spent some time trying to clear the last cobwebs of all that negative energy by reviewing each place we visited, talking to the spirits that affected us and may have hitchhiked home with us, and gently releasing them back to their places. Never again, I vowed, would I visit the Winchester Mansion, or any other reputably haunted place. I want to keep my energies positive, forward-thinking, and inspiring, and avoid the physical sickness of such negative energy.

But really, every place is haunted by the ghosts of the past and by our associations with it. This passing year may be haunted for you by things that happened which brought disappointments, anger, fear, sadness, regret, or something else.

However, we need not – should not – carry those into 2018. Whether 2017 was pretty good for you, just ok, or a total nightmare, leave this Winchester Mansion behind and let its ghosts lie. Bringing them into the new year will cause nothing but new pain and trouble.

Here’s how to let go of negative energy and move on for an amazing 2018. Identify one or more things that you do not want to bring with you, such as a fear, an anger, a sadness over something. What event, thing or person triggered it? It could be your relationship with money, the loss of a job, the deterioration of a relationship, bitter disappointment over an event, frustration at yourself for not accomplishing something, etc. Write that event, thing or person a letter. For example, if it’s your roller coaster relationship with money, write money a letter:

Dear Money,

I always want more of you, but you seem to laugh and run away every time I feel like I’m getting back on my feet…

Then, sit quietly and allow the event, thing or person to write back to you in your mind. What would they say? It will come to you. Write it down as a response to your letter.

Then write back again. Keep the dialogue going. Get mad, get sad, open your heart, let it all out.

Allow it to write back to you. Repeat as many times as you need to, to fully explore it.

Tell it that you now release it to the past and will not carry it into your future. Part ways and feel yourself looking forward now.

Then either destroy the letters or put them away to read late next year, to (hopefully) see how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come since feeling that way.

Just identifying the culprit, expressing all your thoughts and feelings about it, allowing it to “respond,” and intentionally releasing it from your life will work wonders in relieving you of that burden.

Only when we let go of the ghosts of 2017 can we be open to creating happiness and attractive energy in 2018. Next week, we’ll begin to do just that.

Have courage! You are through the mountain pass. All of that lies behind you. What lies before you now is all open to your own creation. Time to own it, be it, rock it for 2018!