4 Hidden Steps to Get Fit, Strong, and Motivated to Be Your Best Self Ever

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4 Hidden Steps to Get Fit, Strong, & Motivated to Be Your Best Self Ever

The four-step process I developed is what I call Clearing Your Space to Smile, and the steps are not the obvious, typical ones that you’d think of when getting in shape and reclaiming your motivation are your goals.

Clearing Your Space to Smile is about giving yourself the full advantage of all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties in order to be fit, strong and motivated to be your best self ever.

Because we can’t be our best selves if we’re cluttered up in one or more of those areas.

Step One is to clear your Environmental Clutter.
Step Two is to clear your Mental Clutter.
Step Three is to clear your Emotional Clutter.
Step Four is to clear your Spiritual Clutter.

Once we take the four steps to clear our clutter in those four areas – environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual – we have a much better chance of being fit, strong and motivated enough to become who we really are and do what we really want to do. Then we’ll gloriously go forth with the true ability to be our best selves ever.

What about you? Are you awake and pursuing your dreams or at least your ideal everyday life? Or are you just taking life as it comes? You may be reading this because you’re hurting, you’re numb, you’re exhausted, out of shape, confused, overwhelmed, or all of the above.

How are you feeling right now?

Typically, when we’re physically exhausted or in pain, we go to the doctor and say, “Fix this.” We ask, “What is wrong with me?” The doctor may order some very basic tests, which often prove inconclusive, and send you home saying nothing is wrong with you – “Get more sleep.”

Or you may go in and say, “My back hurts,” and the doctor will prescribe you a higher dose of pain medication than you can buy over the counter.

Primary care physicians (by nature of their training, education and demands put on them by our healthcare system) don’t often put the whole YOU together. I love and respect them for many other reasons, but this is a common occurrence.

I am NOT a doctor or medical professional, but I encourage you to find the one that works best for you, as I’ve done. I still go to my PCP for acute symptoms and yearly checkups, but I can assure you it’s worth the search to find a trusted Functional MD who looks at and treats the whole YOU.

Space to Smile is designed to get you thinking in terms of your whole self and all you can be and do once you are truly taking care of your whole self.

Because rarely do people in this country stop to think about a backache, or extreme exhaustion, or migraines, as being caused by what we eat. What we think. What we feel. What we refuse to feel. What we believe. That’s what I mean about the four steps being hidden. But I’m living proof that the whole self is really worth examining if you want to change your energy level and your life.

Unfortunately, we’re not wired to do that. In this country, we’re influenced by a health care system and a market system that preys on disease, dis-use of our bodies, and fear of pain.

Fear hoards. Love gives. When you hoard, your whole self becomes cluttered. When cluttered becomes the norm, strange things start to happen.

After I got sick for a couple of years and no doctor could diagnose me properly, I took my health into my own hands. But I found that improving my physical health, to all perceivable standards, still left me feeling crummy and tired. Much better, but still not optimal. I still felt distracted from pursuing my purpose, my real self.

After much research and trial and error, I realized that no matter how much we want to stick to that diet or workout schedule, clean out our closets, get that great job, or start that project or hobby we’ve sorely missed working on, we’re just going to keep running in circles until we’ve worked through four specific blockers that are standing in the way of our motivation, time, money, and physical energy.

I developed the Four Pillars of Clearing Our Space to Smile so we can get back to being who we really are and doing what we’re meant to do. I’ll dissect that to explain what I mean:

Four Pillars = Four detailed steps, each one showing you how to clear one of the four Blockers

Clearing Our Space to Smile = This refers to clearing clutter – internal and external. Many people don’t realize we are extremely cluttered inside, not just outside in our homes and offices. Once we clear this, as I mentioned above, you’ll enjoy the full benefit of all your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties and feel fit, strong and motivated to be your best self.

So we can get back to being who we really are = Some teach that we should discover ourselves, at any age. I teach that because of all this clutter, we have lost ourselves. That little child inside you is begging to come out and play, but is buried. We must re-discover her through the process of clearing your clutter.

And doing what we’re meant to do = This could be reviving a special hobby or skill, spending more time with loved ones, excelling at the right career, making more money, traveling, helping others, etc., or any combination – whatever is meaningful to you.

I would like to offer that nothing is wrong with you. Despite your best efforts and your best knowledge, a lot of junk may be cluttering up the real you.

That clutter is what’s wrong. It needs to go.

And step by step, with these four steps, you can banish it, get fit and strong and motivated once and for all, and be who you really are.

If you’d like to see what I mean, I invite you to join me on a free, educational webinar workshop.

The material I’ll cover on the webinar is actually the entire introduction to my group coaching program, Space to Smile. I’ll give you worksheets and a clear understanding of how to start clearing your Space in the four areas of Environmental, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clutter.

I know you’ll feel at least a little better as you look inward and outward and insist that yes, you must – and can – begin clearing your Space to Smile.

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