WELCOME to The FOUR Pillars of Clearing
Group Coaching Cohort

This material is for paid members of the Four Pillars Coaching Cohort.
Modules will be unlocked for you as you go through the program.

Ready to get started clearing your Space to Smile?

We'll Prepare, then move through Modules 1-4.

Finally, we'll learn how to Own It, Be It, Rock It as the very best versions of our selves using our new Space. We'll share what we've learned so we can help everyone. The world needs what you've got!


Pack only what you need for forging your path.


Start here to learn to recognize Clutter for what it is.

I'm ready!

Pillar 1

The first step: Environmental Inner Clearing

Inside and Out

We are NOT what we
eat or breathe.

Show Me!

Pillar 2

The second step:
Mental Clearing

Mental Clearing

Change your mindset, change your reality.

Let's go!

Pillar 3

The third step:
Emotional Clearing

Dig Deep

Time to let go
and move forward.

I can!

Pillar 4

The Fourth Step:
Environmental Outer Clearing

Let Go

Of the physical stuff

Send love!


Be it, Rock It


Do your Thing
in your Space
for All

I Rock!